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The Bovi-Bond Introduction Kit provides you with all the materials needed to get started with professional hoof trimming. Next to the Bovi-Bond adhesive and hoof blocks, this starter box also contains all the necessary tools. In addition, this box also provides a handy step-by-step plan to get started quickly and effectively with hoof trimming.

Experience the ease and comfort of working with premium Bovi-Bond products.

Package contains:
- Bovi-Bond adhesive 210ml x2
- Mixing tips 2x10 pieces
- Dispensing Gun 210cc
- Hoof Blocks: 6 Wooden, 6 Rubber, 6 Polyurethane
- New Bovi-Bond hoof knives: 2 left and 2 right
- Hoof bandage x12
- Claw check
- Flyer "How to use Bovi Bond"

$544.50 price per set

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