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Boosting rumen function and daily live weight gain for a quicker finishing


Improves rumen function

Enables better synthesis of energy and protein in the diet

Stabilises rumen pH

Reduced risk of acidosis and bloat

Maximises muscle growth

Promotes desired conformation for slaughter


Weight:                22kg

Feeding rate:      1 tub per 10 cows for 4 weeks

                             (approx. 75g per head/day)

Suitability:           All beef production systems


• A must for all grass feed beef

• Greatly assist in fiber digestion

“The Beef Finisher Tubby has improved our herds appearance and confirmation consistently, building up weaker heifers and ensuring the herd is all in great health, I am excited to try the Quick Serve Tubby to get everything back into calf and the ease of moving them around works perfect for moving paddocks”  


Linda – Glenfarg Bulls  

$47.96 price per Tub

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