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Welcome to Livestock Australia where we aim to maximize livestock’s genetic potential


We are based in Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula. We specialize in exclusive livestock supplement health nutrition & hoofcare, providing you the best in class products from the world’s leading manufacturers.


We have partnered with the UK’s top livestock supplement manufacturer ‘Denis Brinicombe Group’. With over 30 years’ experience in livestock nutrition, Brinicombe Tubby is used by most UK farmers and exported to the world, to improve animal health through nutrition.


For bovine hoofcare ,there is only one company that farmers trust, ‘Vettec’. Vettec is internationally recognized with the best-selling Bovi Bond, the original hoof adhesive that just works!


You can call us or order online @ Livestock Australia and we can assure a efficient, prompt dispatch of your orders, We have built strong relationships with Australia’s leading shipping couriers making getting your product easy. 


All E-commerce transactions are done through our partner, J C Milton specializes in horse farriery & hoofcare and is part of the Tallahesse Group.


Above all, we care about you and your animals. We love talking to fellow farmers and how we can help you start maximizing your animals genetic potential!


Give us a call today and be impressed!

Girl Holding Lamb
Cattle Tubby

cattle Tubby
product range


“The Beef Finisher Tubby has improved our herds appearance and confirmation consistently, building up weaker heifers and ensuring the herd is all in great health, I am excited to try the Quick Serve Tubby to get everything back into calf and the ease of moving them around works perfect for moving paddocks”  


Linda – Glenfarg Bulls  

sheep Tubby
product range

Sheep Tubby

“I absolutely love the durability of the Tubby’s, we have not lost any minerals due to wet weather, and I have seen a consistent weight gain in my lambs throughout the herd. It is a breath of fresh air that I can purchase them online or over the phone and have them delivered to my door with no maximum purchase amount.”  


Jill – Hallston Valley Farm  

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