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The history of


The first Tubby was produced in 1987 after an experiment using 3 men and a modified cement mixer. Since then, our manufacturing has changed dramatically to a modern, UFAS assured facility but there is one constant from back then; Tubby remains unlike any other animal lick on the market.

Manufactured on a seaweed base with only a small quantity of molasses, it draws on an animals’ natural

feeding behavior and instinctive drive to seek out sources of nutrients to help balance their daily

requirement and target underperformance. The low sugar content discourages unnecessary

gorging, ensuring regulated intakes which supports our statement that they are taken for

“need not greed”.

Each Tubby provides a specific combination of vital ingredients that are targeted at

improving animal health through nutrition. Formulations are fixed to ensure batch to batch

consistency and the low heat, low moisture process means that sensitive ingredients such as

vitamins and live yeast are protected. R&D advances are incorporated to keep the formulations

cutting edge and to this day, each lick is “squidged” by hand which gives the smooth finish and

allows each one to be visually checked before lidding.

Today, Tubby is still a globally unique product and exclusive to the Denis Brinicombe Group.

This innovative approach to supporting animal wellbeing has stood the test of time and can be used with confidence.


getting to know


A flagship range of advanced animal health nutrition products. Unique in appearance with an exceptionally concentrated formulation, Tubby is the tried and tested solution for many common on-farm challenges – and it’s verified by thousands of stock farmers over the last three decades.

Q. What is a Tubby?
A. Tubby is the name of a globally unique range of animal health free-access licks that are manufactured by the Denis Brinicombe Group. They are densely concentrated which provides a rich source of nutrients.

Q. How would you best describe a Tubby?
A. Each Tubbys’ individual formulation has a unique animal health benefits which is aimed at solving common on-farm problems which can be addressed through nutrition.

Q. What is the success behind Tubby?
A. the first Tubby was made in 1987 and since then the range has been enhanced through experience to evolve into what it is today. The success is based on our Technical and Development Departments’ ability to know what ingredients and nutrients work in synergy to support and animal’s natural immune system.

Q. Do Tubbys contain anything else apart from the health target nutrients?
A. Yes. Each Tubby, regardless to target will also contain a densely concentrated source of minerals, trace elements and vitamins to ensure daily mineral intakes are achieved. Herbal extracts, seaweed, oils and specific premixes are also included depending on the Tubby.

Q. What makes Tubby different from other tubs on the market?
A. Tubby is world unique in the fact that it is not on a molasses base. Many buckets on the market contain more than 50% molasses to encourage intakes but Tubby contains less than 8% which means that intakes are controlled by animal need rather than the animals’ desire for a sweet sugar taste.

Tubby spec.png

“The Beef Finisher Tubby has improved our herds appearance and confirmation consistently, building up weaker heifers and ensuring the herd is all in great health, I am excited to try the Quick Serve Tubby to get everything back into calf and the ease of moving them around works perfect for moving paddocks”  


Linda – Glenfarg Bulls  

“I absolutely love the durability of the Tubby’s, we have not lost any minerals due to wet weather, and I have seen a consistent weight gain in my lambs throughout the herd. It is a breath of fresh air that I can purchase them online or over the phone and have them delivered to my door with no maximum purchase amount.”  


Jill – Hallston Valley Farm  

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