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Maximises feed efficiency and energy utilisation

to drive growth


• Rumen development

   Conditions the rumen for forage-based rations


• Encourages feed conversion

   Improved rumen activity and performance


• Utilises energy

   Cobalt and B12 included making the most of the energy

   from the diet to aid the prevention of pine


Weight: 14kg

Feeding rate: 1 tub per 25 lambs for 4-6 weeks (approx. 14-20g per head/day)

Suitability: Finishing lambs, particularly at grazing


• Helps the transition of lambs from milk to grass

• Feed for as long as lamb is on pasture

• Help realize better weight gain up to 10% extra can more than cover the cost of feeding the Lamb Finisher Tubby

“I absolutely love the durability of the Tubby’s, we have not lost any minerals due to wet weather, and I have seen a consistent weight gain in my lambs throughout the herd. It is a breath of fresh air that I can purchase them online or over the phone and have them delivered to my door with no maximum purchase amount.”  


Jill – Hallston Valley Farm  

$47.96 price per Tub

E-commerce transaction done via

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