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Reduces pre lambing issues and produces thriving lambs


• Encourages colostrum quality and quantity

   Improves lamb growth and development


• Supports lamb vigour

   Providing the essential micronutrients for the lamb to 

   get up and go


• Mucosal cell production

   Producing mucous for wetter and easier lambings


Weight:                14kg

Feeding rate:      1 tub per 25 ewes for 4 weeks

                             (approx. 20g per head/day)

Suitability:           Any pre and post lambing ewes


• Improve muscle integrity to enhance unassisted lambing

• Feed 8 weeks prior and 2 weeks after lambing

• Contains Selenium and Vitamin E to help break down brown fat for energy to assist the newborn lambs in the first 6 hours after birth

“I absolutely love the durability of the Tubby’s, we have not lost any minerals due to wet weather, and I have seen a consistent weight gain in my lambs throughout the herd. It is a breath of fresh air that I can purchase them online or over the phone and have them delivered to my door with no maximum purchase amount.”  


Jill – Hallston Valley Farm  

$47.96 price per Tub

E-commerce transaction done via

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