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Think Free Liquid Supplement

...A Real Game Changer!  

Makes your horse almost invisible to annoying irritations, naturally!

Imagine your horse free to hack, compete & paddock in peace... 

Think Free uses PST-22 technology that reacts naturally with the skin, to change the chemistry of the skin, to make the horse less visible & less appealing to annoying irritations.

Think Free Liquid 1L & 5L - add daily to feed

  • Feed daily & within 2 to 3 weeks your horse is left in peace, with no stress from annoying irritations, 24 hours a day every day!

  • Introduce SLOWLY! Feed 10ml per day, for the first 7 days. Thereafter, feed daily 25ml for a 450kg horse & 20ml for ponies. Split the dosage equally between daily feeds.

$59.95 price per bottle 

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