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Our Expertise

As the developer and manufacturer of the original cattle bolus, we have proudly remained the market leader for 30 years, producing almost 35 million cattle boluses globally. Our advanced bolus technology, gives long term sustained release of 6 trace elements and 3 vitamins.

APVMA registration pending. Application number 133827/9188

what make
endurabol unique

All our boluses contain 6 trace elements and 3 vitamins which help cater to the dietary requirements of cattle. These key trace elements and vitamins are often not adequately supplied by grass and forage alone.

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Optimise Cattle Health

Preventing nutritional deficiencies can greatly assist in enhancing cattle health

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Peace Of Mind

You won't need to worry about your cattle receiving the right levels of micronutrients throughout the lifespan of the boluses

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Boost Growth Rates

To optimise growth, youngstock require the correct balance of trace elements and vitamins

Simple And Easy To Use

Our boluses are the perfect fit for any production system thanks to their 4-8 month active life

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Improve Fertility

The correct nutrition is key to reducing the metabolic stress associated with calving

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Zero Waste

There is no residue left in the reticulum, as the boluses completely erode

Key for Health, Productivity and Profitability

To achieve maximum productivity and therefore farm profitability, it is important that cattle receive a daily supply of essential trace elements and vitamins that support overall health, welfare and development.

The elements and vitamins incorporated in EnduraBol boluses and their key functions are outlined below:

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Trace Elements

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