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pecking block


Redirects hostile pecking behavior

Adding a source of enrichment into a birds environment can reduce stress and negative behaviors such as feather pecking


Encourages a healthy beak

The hardness of the block supports the birds natural desire to wear the beak down as it grows


Contains Anise oil

A natural attractant which keeps the block interesting to the birds


Contains all-natural ingredients

Chemical-free and will not interfere with a balanced diet


Practical and easy to use

Delivered in our unique tub, the blocks can be simply tipped out and placed where desired


UK designed and manufactured

Denis Brinicombe Group has over 50 year's experience in supplying top-quality animal nutrition products from its base in Devon


Additional secrets in the packaging

The Well-Bird Pecking Block’s, unique packaging design uses red and navy spots which have been scientifically shown to have a positive effect on bird welfare


Includes limestone granules

Improves gizzard function to aid digestibility

Analysis per kg:

Calcium        27.00%

Sodium         2.91%

Magnesium  1.50%

Phosphorus  0.80%

Sulphur         0.49%



Calcium Carbonate (Sugar) Cane Molasses Sodium Chloride Mono-Sodium Phosphate Magnesium Oxide Calcium Oxide Mineral Oil Sulphur



For younger birds and pullets, remove the bucket lid and place on the litter surface. Remove the block from the bucket and place on the lid.

For larger birds, remove the block from the bucket, place the upturned bucket on the floor and place the block on top.

Avoid placing the block in a corner. Move the block every 2 to 4 weeks to ensure prolonged interest.

$82.50 price per Tub

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